Starting to read, I liked what we discussed via skype. Symphonic music in big classic garment. A combination: solemn, historical-artistic magnitude, a movement of a symphony for each character, but getting dramatic by meeting powerful modern harmonies or beats.

The "one" main theme, and then path 1, 2,3,4,5... for every character as independent diversions.

Here is some of the music I wrote for the film "Nimmermeer", as Fritz mentioned.


(Nimmermeer). Director: Toke Constantin Hebbeln. Original language: German

HONORARY FOREIGN FILM AWARD 2007, Academy Of Motion Picture Art And Science


Trailer with Original Soundtrack

In addition, here are two examples for the "Recomposed" thing: Max Richter recomposed Vivaldi´s four seasons.

And do you already know this one? Listen to the first 40 seconds (after, its getting just a beat.).

My next thought was: what, if the "one" main Theme could be like a Waltz. 3/4 measure. This is kind of elliptic, inperfect, never completed, never resting, always swinging on. Human body in relaxation is "running" in 4/4 (e.g. adult respiratory rate: ca 15, pulse rate: ca 60). So if the last beat is skipped, we feel nudged forward, endless swinging. I feel the waltz as an expression of pure life. And also, in a dramatic way, it let us feel something timeless. Connective and universal awareness, fatality. When I read the first episodes, this were my big questions and emotions. Here are 2 waltz samples of my work, but also one Shostakovitch (you may probably know it), because I need one example that is getting big. On your Playlist, "Severine" by Thomas Newman is also in 3/4, and this feels absolutely righ for me.

What, if the series title melody comes along in this sort of classic garment. If it is not a song (=very individual human), but a strong symphonic classical waltz. Big emotions, irony, inevitability, fate, delusions of grandeur, something bigger, all this together, waltzing around....

And here, just some more audio samples from my work.

This next one: just about the Melody and Harmony - can you imagine something like this with epic orchestra sound? I felt that,  when Elliot is turned off in the end. Consolation and Lonelyness in one emotion. Maybe leading into the endcredits & main theme.


Martina Eisenreich. Showreel 2015 (10 min.)
Film scoring - works for cinema & TV

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